Pesto Jars Gift Bag (Set of 3)

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After months of research and development, Botanica creates our very own house-made specialties using only finely selected ingredients. All ingredients are freshly pounded for a quality and aromatic pesto and paste. Packed in Botanica’s draw string canvas pouch for a perfect gift, each set comes with your choice of 3 pesto jars.


Ginger Flower Pesto (70g jar)

Torch ginger flower is commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking, and adds a pleasant and piquant flavour. Use this freshly crafted aromatic pesto on pizza, pasta, noodles and rice dishes for a unique dimension to your dish.

For cooking use or as condiment.


Thai Basil Pesto (70g jar)

Uniquely blended fresh pesto combining intense aroma and flavours of the Thai basil with spicy sambal oelek. Enjoy this pesto as topping on pizza, pasta, bruschetta and rice dishes for added warmth and soul.

For cooking use or as condiment.


Thai Massaman Paste (70g jar)

A rich and flavourful Thai curry paste with influences from Indian cuisine, this house-blend is a perfect base for cooking comfort dishes of chicken, seafood, duck, beef and mutton.

For use in cooking only.