The Miyazaki Wagyu Burger Kit

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100% Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu double patty beef burger – we make it easy for you to be the chef behind this stellar burger.

A DIY home chef kit with fresh and quality ingredients individually sealed and labelled, a step-by-step instructional guide, garden salad with house dressing packed separately, and 10 minutes of your time are all that you need.

Each Miyazaki Wagyu Burger Kit contains all the ingredients you need to make one burger:
- 100% Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu patty (100g each, 2 pieces)
- House-made brioche bun
- Roma tomato
- Red onion
- Brie cheese
- Lettuce
- Secret sauce
- Mesclun salad
- House salad dressing

Note: The ingredients in this home chef kit are raw, and they come packed individually with labels on them. The burger patties are packed with ice gels in an aluminium foil pack. You will require a non-stick pan and stove to cook this item at home.

Best kept refrigerated at all times and consume within 2 days.